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Prepared and Paid for by Matt Bruns for MN House Committee, PO Box 101, Red Wing, MN 55066


People speak often of the “Urban-Rural Divide.” It is often visible.  To some degree it is no more visible than the difference between their access to broadband. Public Knowledge reports that as of 2018, 96% of citizens living in urban areas had access to broadband at home, while rural areas had access in only 69%. Just talk to residents of rural Goodhue County. Residents pay upwards of $200 per month for what many pay $70.  Furthermore, these broadband networks are either slow or unreliable. It is time for private companies to get serious about providing services.


The year is 2019 and it is time to see that internet is not a luxury, it is a utility.  It is as basic as electricity, water, and natural gas. Without internet, rural residents cannot take part in the economy, find employment, access eLearning, or apply for government programs.  As an educator, I have seen what happens to students when they do not have access to broadband networks. Students that do not have internet access fall behind. Their productive work times take place only while their in school.  As schools push for more eLearning days to makeup for closures, they could lose up to 7% of their learning time. This issue must take priority for families as the world changes.


Citizens of Goodhue county do not need to depend on businesses.  Community broadband networks offer a solution to residents. They remove the need to make high profits. Through community broadband networks local communities take control of connectivity.  Residents would not need to pay any more than they do. The community controls broadband networks. Local communities are motivated to make the right decisions because officials can be removed through elections.  They want their residents to be full participants in the 21st century. I will work hard to get grants and help from non-profit organizations. This money and support will make community broadband networks. These networks make everyone's lives better.