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I grew up in Farmington, MN, a community not unlike those in District 21A. Born to parents Jeff, a 30+ year union carpenter, and Liz, an accountant with 20+ years experience, I learned the value of hard work, short term suffering for a brighter future, and the satisfaction of helping others while expecting nothing in return.

I have spent the last six years working as a special education teacher, having worked with students and families from Minneapolis, Hastings, Red Wing, Farmington, Rosemount, Welch, and other communities.  Each year is spent working with families, colleagues, and students, to provide the best possible outcome given the information and resources on hand. To get there, I put myself through college working 2-3 jobs at a time in an effort to survive. Even 10 years as a union grocer in UFCW Local 663.

My wife and I moved to Red Wing three years ago, falling in love with the community, its people, and the geography. We bought a 'fixer-upper' craftsmen in the downtown area and are always saving for the next DIY project.  When I'm not slinging a hammer, I can be found walking the dog, or shredding bass guitar in a local band.  Having found a deep connection to music through the Rolling Stones, T-Rex, The Specials, New York Dolls, Ramones, and Big Star at a young age, it's passion that just won't quit.

I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives seat for District 21A to put to work the values instilled in me by my family and the skills sharpened in meeting the needs of families with unique learners.  Politics should go beyond the party line; serving as a conduit to the people they represent.  Pandering and gesturing during campaign years and then violating the wishes of a constituency only serve to diminish peoples' belief in government, breeding cynicism.